A Song Is Born

A Song Is Born also known as Thats Life is a 1948 Technicolor musical film remake of the 1941 movie Ball of Fire with Gary Cooper, starring Danny Kaye and Virginia Mayo. It was directed by Howard Hawks from an original story by Billy Wilder, produced by Samuel Goldwyn and released by RKO Radio Pictures.

Mildmannered Professor Hobart Frisbee Danny Kaye and his fellow academics, among them Professor Magenbruch Benny Goodman, are writing a musical encyclopedia. In the process, they discover that there is some new popular music that is called jazz, swing, boogie woogie or rebop, introduced to them by two window washers Buck and Bubbles. The professors become entangled in the problems of nightclub singer Honey Swanson Virginia Mayo. She needs a place to hide out from the police, who want to question her about her gangster boyfriend Tony Crow Steve Cochran. She invites herself into their sheltered household, over Frisbees objections. While there, she introduces them to the latest in jazz, with which they are unfamiliar, giving the film an excuse to feature many of the best musicians of the era. The songs they play include A Song Is Born, DaddyO, Im Getting Sentimental Over You, Flying Home, and Redskin Rumba.Eventually, Tony comes by to collect Honey, but by that time, she and Hobart have fallen in love. And the finale, of course, is not decided by guns but by music, its resonance and reverberation. ........

Source: Wikipedia