A True Mob Story

A True Mob Story is a 1998 Hong Kong crime drama film produced, written and directed by Wong Jing and starring Andy Lau and Gigi Leung.

Cindys good friend Ruby Suki Kwan, whom has a crush on Cheung for a long time, helps Cheung take care of his son Taihung. Since Cheung is always referred as a bad guy by Taihungs classmates which made Taihung have violent tendencies toward his classmates and develops serious eccentric sense.Five years later, in 1998, Cheung and Prince have a partnership in a factory specializing in the production of the pirated VCD movie discs, Prince was hiding from Cheung and secretly operate a dirty mass production of cocaine. One time while collecting debts, Cheung crushed a man named Chow Taimans head and was sued to court and therefore meets defense attorney Sandy Gigi Leung. Sandys boyfriend, Michael Alex Fong has been monitoring Cheungs factory and suspects Cheung of engaging in drug trafficking activities. When Michael knew Sandy was fighting the case for Cheung, he suggested that Sandy abort Cheungs defense but was refused, and later Sandy successfully helped Cheung won the case. ........

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