Aanai English Order is a 2005 Tamil language Indian action film written and directed by Selva. It stars Action King Arjun, Namitha and Keerthi Chawla in the lead, while Vadivelu, Sanghavi and Manoj K. Jayan play pivotal roles. D. Imman composed the soundtrack, while Shiva was the cinematographer for the venture which released in December 2005.

Selva director, who had directed Arjun in Karna 1995 and the long delayed Manikanda 2006 was signed by Vasan Visual Ventures to work with him again. The actor signed on for a hiked price of one crore rupees, following the success of his previous film Giri. The unit had a 15day shooting stint in Hyderabad in February 2005, with two of the lead actresses Namitha and Sanghavi involved in the shoot. The film featured a new editing technique tried by Satish and Harsha, while the team shot three songs with Arjun and Namitha in London, notably near the London Eye and Windsor Castle. Another song was shot with Arjun and Namitha at the Mohan Studio in Chennai, with the actor notably wearing four inch heels to make up for height difference with the actress.During the making of the film, allegations arose that Arjun had been sending lewd messages to Namitha, which led to a brief furore on sets. ........

Source: Wikipedia