Aaranya Kaandam

Aaranya Kaandam Tamil English Jungle chapter English title Anima and Persona is a 2011 Indian Tamil gangster film, written and directed by newcomer Thiagarajan Kumararaja. It is supposedly the first neonoir film in Tamil cinema. The story takes place in a day in the lives of the six protagonists, played by Jackie Shroff, Ravi Krishna, Sampath Raj and newcomers Yasmin Ponnappa, Somasundaram and Master Vasanth. Produced by S. P. B. Charans Capital Film Works, the film features musical score by Yuvan Shankar Raja and cinematography by P. S. Vinod and editing handled by the duo Praveen K. L. and N. B. Srikanth.

The film opens with the aging gangster, Singaperumal, forcing himself on a young girl, Subbu. He is unable to perform, and vents his anger by slapping the helpless Subbu. Singaperumal is the grand don of crime in Madras. His lieutenant, Pasupathi, brings a proposal. A large stash of cocaine, worth aboutmillion rupees, has entered the city. The guy bringing the stash wants to sell it formillion rupees. Pasupathi sees the immediate easy profit, as well as the long term benefit to control the cocaine market with such a large supply and the recognition that they are able to pull off such a deal. The drawback is that the stash really belongs to their arch rival Gajendran. Singaperumal knows that Gajendran is a vicious and unpredictable adversary, and the venture is risky and likely to become messy. He decides to pass. Pasupathi dourly suggests Singaperumal is getting old and rusty. He asks Singaperumal to loan him the five million so he can do the job himself. Pasupathi is prepared to face the risks, and in return for the loan, he offers Singaperumal a cut of the profits. Singaperumal agrees to the loan, but, instead asks Pasupathi to first get the stash and then think of the profit distribution. The money for the loan is brought to Singaperumal.The film introduces Kalaya, a now destitute farmer, and his young, streetsmart son Kodukapuli. They live in the slums and earn a meager living staging cockfights as a coincidence, Singaperumal loves to watch these cockfights. One evening, a man arrives to bunk with Kalaya for the night. This man is the cocaine courier. He routinely transports various stashes of drugs in and out of the city, and collects a relatively small feethousand rupees for each trip. That evening, after a long bout of drinking, he reveals that he has learnt the true value of the stash, and he now intends to sell it himself instead of delivering it to its true owner. He passes out. ........

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