About Time (2013 film)

About Time is a 2013 British romantic comedydrama film about a young man with the special ability to time travel who tries to change his past in order to improve his future. The film was written and directed by Richard Curtis, and stars Domhnall Gleeson, Rachel McAdams and Bill Nighy. It was released in the United Kingdom onSeptember 2013 and in the United States onNovember 2013.

The following summer, Kit Kats friend Charlotte Margot Robbie comes to the house in order to spend her holiday with Tims family. Tim is instantly attracted to her and at the end of her stay decides to tell her how he feels. She tells him that he should not have waited until the last day, that perhaps if he had told her earlier, something could have happened between them. Tim travels back in time and, the second time around, tells Charlotte in the middle of the holiday how he feels. In this instance, Charlotte uses the exact opposite excuse, saying that it would be better if they waited until the last day of the holiday, and then something could potentially happen between them. Heartbroken, Tim realizes that Charlotte is not attracted to him and that time travel will not make it possible for him to change her mind.After the summer, Tim moves to London to pursue a career as a barrister. He is put up by his fathers old acquaintance, Harry Tom Hollander, a misanthropic playwright. After some months, Tim visits a Dans le Noir restaurant, where he meets Mary Rachel McAdams, a young American woman who works for a publishing house. The two flirt in the darkness of the restaurant, and afterward, Mary gives Tim her phone number. Tim returns home to find a distraught Harry. It turns out that the same night as he met Mary, the opening night of Harrys new play had been ruined by one of the actors forgetting his lines at a crucial point. Tim goes back in time to put things right and the play is a triumph. ........

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