Accidents Happen

Accidents Happen is a 2010 Australian coming of age comedy drama film directed by Andrew Lancaster and starring Geena Davis, Harrison Gilbertson, Sebastian Gregory, Harry Cook, Joel Tobeck and Sarah Woods. Written by Brian Carbee, based on his own childhood and adolescence, the story revolves around an accidentprone teenage boy and his family. The film was shot in Sydney, New South Wales over June July 2008, and opened in Australia onApril 2010.

In 1982, eight years after the accident, Ray is divorced and there are more problems not only concerning about Doug, but also about Genes severe condition as he could die in any day or any month. 15yearold Billy is still friends with Doug even after the accident. One night, an argument occurs over a TV dinner with Larry, now a belligerent and profane alcoholic. Billy accidentally knocks the dinner and lands on him, burning his back. When Doug overhears whats going on, he intervenes and gets into a short scuffle with Larry as Billy blames his brother for the burn on his back. After streaking and robbing a convenience store, Billy and Doug are playing when he causes an almighty crash with a bowling ball and a moving car, actually killing Dougs father by accident. Just a few days after the incident, Larrys incessant harassment causes Billy to fight against his older brother, and when Gloria breaks up the scuffle and discovers a gauze on Billys back after Billy knocked the TV dinner and injured himself, and on the newspapers regarding the robbery that Billy was wearing the gauze, Larry immediately tells her that it was Billy and Doug who went streaking and stealing things as evidence, but is still taken away by Ray, who came to cause another argument with Gloria over their divorce. Because Billy has no way to hide any of the evidence, an incensed Gloria reprimands and admonishes him, restricting him from Doug permanently. Although she knows what Billy and Doug did, Gloria does not know what really happened at the car crash.When Doug receives a mistaken note that his father committed suicide and that the insurance company does not pay for suicide, they decide that it is time to confess to the police of what really happened. When Billy tells this to Gloria, she describes him as a selfish son and she slaps him across the face in disbelief and breaks down in tears. As the police interrogate Billy and Doug, the family receive word that Gene had finally died. It is then r

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