Aces: Iron Eagle III

Aces Iron Eagle III is a 1992 American action film directed by John Glen and is the third installment of the Iron Eagle film series, with Louis Gossett, Jr. reprising his role as Col. Charles Chappy Sinclair. Also starring are Japanese actor Sonny Chiba and retired boxing champion Ray Boom Boom Mancini. The film was noteworthy as one of the first films to cast a woman former bodybuilder Rachel McLish as Anna as a physically strong character. Aces Iron Eagle III was heavily panned by critics and grossed 2,517,600 at the boxoffice.

Meanwhile, in Izquitos Village in Peru, Former Nazi captain Gustav Kleiss runs a drug cartel while holding the mayors daughter hostage. He is also being aided by USAF General Simms in delivering the drugs overseas. Simms has secretly sided with Kleiss after being informed that his airbase is to be closed down in a matter of months and his forces will be transferred to other bases, and that his command will be terminated and he desires to use his cut on a lavish retirement. As the cartel begins to smuggle their contraband in barrels disguised as U.S. Air Force property, Anna breaks free from her prison and sneaks into the cartels cargo plane, telling her father she will return with help. After the plane lands in Lethridge, she meets up with Chappy, who informs her that Ramon was killed. She then begs for his help, as Kleiss will kill her family and everyone in the village in four days. Chappy goes to DEA Agent Warren Crawford, who offers to help him if Anna can pinpoint the location of the cartel.During an air exhibition, Chappys P38 Lightning is damaged after Leichmans Bf109 is sabotaged with some live ammunition mixed with the paint rounds, nearly killing Chappy if not for his wellexecuted emergency landing. Seeing that someone in the Air Force wants him out of the equation, he and his flight team rush to Annas apartment, where she gives him the location of Kleiss cartel. The information is handed to Crawford, who finds nothing from surveillance cameras. Following Ramons funeral, Chappys friends decide to join him on his flight to Peru. Chappy also convinces air show promoter Stockman to loan him the four World War II planes, promising to return them without a scratch. For this mission, the planes are retrofitted with laserguided missiles, with Anna providing the targeting from the ground. ........

Source: Wikipedia