Alaska (1996 film)

Alaska is a 1996 actionadventure film that centers on two children who search through the Alaskan wilderness for their lost father. During their journey they find a polar bear that helps lead them to their father. However, a poacher with a desire to capture the bear follows close behind the kids and the polar bear. The movie was filmed primarily in the Purcell Mountains of British Columbia in Canada and the city of Vancouver. The film was not a success, grossing only 11,829,959 over a 24,000,000 budget.

Jessie Barnes Thora Birch and her friend Chip Ryan Kent observing wildlife in their kayaks before her dinner. Jessies father Jake begins telling her where he is flying from, at what time he left that location, and his air speed. Jessie calculates that her father is passing Devils Thumb.Jake then lands his plane on a lake, where Charlie is waiting to tie the plane up to the dock. His son, Sean Vincent Kartheiser scolds his father for moving their family to Alaska. ........

Source: Wikipedia