Alexis Arts

Alexis Arts, aka Danilo Audiello , is an Italian illusionist, escapologist, actor, dancer, and creative director in the theatre world. His shows mix artistic illusionism with mentalism and other disciplines such as dance, transformation , mime, theatre, Chinese shadow artistry, and martial arts. As such he could be defined not only as a magician, but as an all round entertainer trained in numerous fields. His passion is to combine these skills in order to create different atmospheres and characters that tell moving, unexpected storiesstories which make audiences question their perceptions of reality. As such Arts refers to himself as a fantasistdedicated to building surreal spectacles and stories that both move and perplex the viewer.

Arts was born into a family with a strongly artistic and theatrical background. His father was an illusionist and engineer, from whom Arts learnt many magical skills from a young age. Off stage, Alexis was an exceptional achiever at school, displaying a strong aptitude for mathematics a skill which has been a contributing factor in how he has able to invent his original illusions and mind power stunts.

Source: Wikipedia