Alone with Her

Alone with Her is a 2006 American suspense film directed by Eric Nicholas about a techsavvy stalker who uses spy cameras to force his way into the life of a young woman.

The film starts with Doug Colin Hanks seeking out his next prey. He becomes obsessed with a woman named Amy Ana Claudia Talancn, and sneaks numerous spy cameras in her apartment. By doing this, hes able to learn details of her life, and what he learns about things like her musical and film tastes he uses to seduce her.He meets her at a coffee shop a few times and strikes up conversations with her. The two become friends, but it seems as though Amy isnt interested in continuing the relationship further. Using what he learns about her through the cameras, he gets her fired from her job by breaking into her car to stealing her computer and stops her burgeoning relationship with a coworker. ........

Source: Wikipedia