American Virgin (2009 film)

American Virgin previously Virgin on Bourbon Street is a 2009 American comedy film directed by Clare Kilner, written by Jeff Seeman, and starring Brianne Davis and Jenna Dewan with appearances of Rob Schneider and Bo Burnham.

Chuck is attracted to Priscilla, but she rejects his advances saying she has a boyfriend. Chuck and Kevin ask Priscilla and Naz to a frat party being held to welcome Ed Curtzman Rob Schneider, producer of Chicks Go Crazy a parody of Girls Gone Wild. Priscilla declines as she has to study, but the loud noise keeps her awake, and she goes to the party to complain. Naz gives her gelatin until she becomes drunk. Curtzman continues to promote his show and films Priscilla wearing a moose head topless. A title says Priscilla is now 69 pure.Told about her behavior at the party, and that Chicks Go Crazy filmed the incident, she decides to travel to Detroit on Oktoberfest, with Naz, Kevin and Chuck, to recover the footage from Curtzman. In a strip club, where they had hoped to find him, Naz persuades a male stripper to dance for Priscilla, which she discreetly enjoys. Another title says Priscilla is 47 pure. Back at the hotel, Priscilla, still depressed, is offered some brownies by Naz they are space brownies. Under their influence, Priscilla wakes up and talks to Curtzman, who is drunk not both in their proper minds, they let each other pass and Priscilla sleeps in the room of Rudy Bo Burnham, Curtzmans cameraman. The following morning she unwittingly gives Rudy a handjob after assuming that Naz brought a dildo to their bed. A title says she is nowpure. ........

Source: Wikipedia