Anbe Sivam

Anbe Sivam English Love Is God is a 2003 Indian Tamil comedydrama film written by Kamal Haasan and directed by Sundar C. and inspired by the American film Planes, Trains and Automobiles 1987. The film follows the events of an unexpected journey from Bhubaneswar to Chennai which is undertaken by two men who are polar opposites, Nalla Sivam Kamal Haasan and Anbarasu R. Madhavan. It also stars Kiran Rathod, Nassar and Santhana Bharathi, while Vidyasagar handled the music score. Arthur A. Wilson did the cinematography and the editing was by P. Sai Suresh.

The film begins with ad filmmaker Anbarasu R. Madhavan, who prefers the muchabbreviated alias A. Aras arriving at the Bhubaneswar Airport in Odisha, India. He is about to board a flight back to Chennai for his wedding. While waiting at airport, Aras watches the television news about a terrorist threat at an airport in Mumbai. Remarking to himself that the country is going to the dogs, he looks around and sees a bespectacled man with scars taking out something rolled up in a newspaper from his bag. He informs the authorities, only to learn that the man was simply taking out a cucumber rather than what he believed it to be a bomb.The man, who is physically challenged, is Nallasivam Kamal Haasan.Aras underestimates Nalla, ignoring his sage advice and friendly overtures, resulting in some comical events in the airport. Then, announcements are made that all flights have been canceled due to the inclement weather and Aras realizes he needs a room in a nearby hotel for the night. Since the fivestar hotel where he was staying before is now fully booked, Nallasivam helps him find a place in a twostar hotel nearby, where Nalla and Aras are forced to share the same room. Aras selfishly trying to get rid of Nalla, at every juncture. Nalla does him a favor which leaves Aras with a guiltridden heart. The next morning, Aras takes a taxi without waking Nalla only to realize that the floods have blocked most of the roads, flooding the railway station. He was disguised by a man who offers to help him, to steal his money.By the time, Nalla reaches the station and helps Aras regain the wallet, sans the money. It is then revealed that Nalla is a trade unionist and is traveling with a cheque worth Rs.million to be delivered to some people after fighting a court case for union workers.They go to another railway station, where Nalla begins to tell Aras his story, but a tired Aras falls asleep. ........

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