Anegan English Multiple Single Person is a 2015 Indian Tamil psychological thriller film directed by K. V. Anand. The film stars Dhanush, Amyra Dastur and Karthik, with Ashish Vidyarthi, Aishwarya Devan and Jagan in supporting roles. Produced by AGS Entertainment, the film features music composed by Harris Jayaraj, cinematography by Om Prakash and editing by Anthony. The visual effects were handled by V. Srinivas Mohan. The film was released onFebruary 2015, along with its Telugu dubbed version titled Anekudu.

The film begins in a fantasy sequence taking place in Madhumithas Amyra Dastur imagination as she shares the story with her psychiatrist, Dr. Radhika Lena Munaruna Dhanush is a Tamil worker in Burma. His friend Saamuda Jagan falls in love with Mallika Aishwarya Devan, but Mallika loves Munaruna instead. Munaruna saves Samudra Amyra Dastur, the daughter of a Burmese army general, from a Ferris wheel accident and they fall in love. When Mallika learns about this, she is devastated and marries Saamuda. The Burmese general disapproves of the union between Munaruna and Samudra, and revokes the privileges that the Tamil immigrants had until then. Violence breaks out and the Tamil nationals flee Burma. Munaruna and Samudra also join the refugees on on a ship along with Saamuda and Mallika. When Samudras father comes looking for her, Mallika spitefully reveals where they are hiding. As Samudra and Munaruna try to escape by diving into the ocean, Munaruna is shot and killed. Samudra drowns after promising to be together forever.Back in Dr.Radhikas office, Madhu claims that it is the story of her previous life and she has already met Saamuda and Mallika as Jagan Jagan and Meera Aishwarya Devan, who are fellow programmers in the same gaming company. Radhika dismisses this and gives Madhu medicine for stress. Madhu meets Ashwin Dhanush a new employee in her company. Madhu instantly realizes his resemblance to Munaruna and flirts with him relentlessly, all the while calling him irrelevant names. Kiran Karthik is their middle aged, funloving boss and he knows to extract work from employees with ease. Meanwhile, Meera hallucinates about ghosts that try to rape her and she jumps from the office window and dies. Madhu is disturbed and attends her therapy sessions with Radhika when she remembers her first birth. Madhu and Ashwin meet with a car accident and Madhu is admitted in a hospital. There, she dreams about overhearing a policeman Gopinaths conversation about Kaali and Kalyani

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