Arthur (2011 film)

Arthur is a 2011 romantic comedy film written by Peter Baynham and directed by Jason Winer. It is a remake of the 1981 film of the same name written and directed by Steve Gordon. It stars Russell Brand in the title role, with Helen Mirren, Jennifer Garner, Greta Gerwig, and Nick Nolte in supporting roles.

Vivienne forms a plan to have her shrewd assistant Susan Johnson Jennifer Garner marry Arthur to ensure stable leadership and help Arthurs reputation. Arthur initially refuses citing that he and Susan have nothing in common for a loveless relationship, but is told that he will be cut off from his 950 million inheritance if he does not marry Susan. He reluctantly agrees and asks Susans father, Burt Johnson Nick Nolte, for permission to marry. Burt agrees, after forcing Arthur against a table saw and warning him not to embarrass Susan. The next day, Arthur meets Naomi Quinn Greta Gerwig, an illegal tour guide to whom he becomes attracted because of her freespirited nature. He arranges his wedding while sneaking around on dates with Naomi. Arthurs nanny, Lillian Hobson Helen Mirren who normally dislikes all of Arthurs choices in women gets to know and like Naomi. Arthur learns that Naomi would like to have her childrens book about the Statue of Liberty published. He attempts to find employment and other options so that he will be able to keep seeing Naomi and not need the inheritance, but to no avail. Hobson takes Arthur to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, where Arthur complains that it is depressing and makes him want to drink. He proclaims he is going to drink, unintentionally brags about his wealth, and turns to leave the meeting. Hobson stands up and takes the bullet, giving Arthurs humiliating introduction in his place. Arthur, touched, states that if only she would do his drinking for him as well, he would be set.Arthur goes to see Naomi at her house and tells her the truth that he is engaged to Susan. Naomi then tells him to leave. Back home, Arthur calls for Hobson, only for Bitterman to come and tell him that she is in bed with a headache. Later, Hobson goes to Naomi and asks her to give Arthur another chance, but she again falls ill and is taken to a hospital. Naomi calls Arthur to tell him what has happened. He comes to the hospital, meets Naomi and is a

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