Asambhav is a Bollywood action thriller directed by Rajiv Rai and produced by Gulshan Rai under Trimurti Films banner. The film was released onJuly 2004, starring Arjun Rampal and Priyanka Chopra in the lead roles. Naseeruddin Shah is featured as the villain with Dipannita Sharma, Tom Alter, Milind Gunaji and Sharat Saxena playing supporting roles among others. The film was shot entirely in Switzerland.

Captain Adit Arya Arjun Rampal is a special agent of the Indian army. When the Indian president Veer Pratap Singh Mohan Agashe is kidnapped by Rafiq Mabroz Shawar Ali in exchange for cash rewarded by renowned terrorist Youssan Baksh Mukesh Rishi and General Ansari Milind Gunaji, Adit is sent undercover to rescue the president and his daughter, Kinjal Dipannita Sharma. The mission is coded Asambhav. Adit poses as a journalist for Indiatimes, and manages to make his way to Switzerland with the help of a RAW agent called Atul Bhatnagar Jameel Khan. On the flight, Adit meets Alisha Priyanka Chopra. Alisha is a singer, and has come to Switzerland under a contract in order to do a show with Sam Hans Naseeruddin Shah. Her friend Shilpa Chitrita Sharma accompanies her. However the people who Alisha and Shilpa have come to Switzerland with, are drug smugglers. Shilpa is murdered when she finds this out, and Alisha pretends she knows nothing. She meets up with Adit, and together they help each other, during which Adit and Alisha fall in love with each other.Adit starts the investigation of the case, during which he comes to know about General Ansari and Youssan Baksh. He starts linking the entire events from Shilpas murder to presidents kidnapping and comes to know that Sam Hans, General Ansari, Youssan Baksh and Rafiq Mabroz are all involved together. Sam Hans discovers Shilpas dead body and breaks up with General Ansari and his agents, who pose as businessmen. Hans friend Ranjit Parmar Yashpal Sharma is a member of the Indian embassy. He is investigating the files of the Indians in Switzerland, during which he reads the file of Rafiq Mabroz and comes to know that he is a terrorist. He informs Hans about the situation and Hans decides to fight ISI. However, he signs a deal with ISI by kidnapping the president from Youssan Baksh and returning the president to Baksh in exchange of 50 Million Pounds. ........

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