Attack the Block

Attack the Block is a 2011 British science fiction comedyhorror film written and directed by Joe Cornish and stars Jodie Whittaker, John Boyega, Nick Frost and Luke Treadaway.

Walking home on Bonfire Night through The Ends in Brixton, newtothearea nurse Samantha Adams is mugged by a small gang of teenage hoodlums Pest, Dennis, Jerome, Biggz, and leader Moses. The attack is interrupted when a meteorite falls from the sky into a nearby car, giving Samantha the chance to escape. As Moses searches the wreck of the car for valuables, his face is scratched by a pale, hairless, eyeless dogsized creature the object which fell from the sky was its cocoon. The creature runs away, but the gang chase and kill it. Hoping to gain fame and fortune, they take the corpse to their acquaintance, cannabis dealer Ron, to get advice on what to do. He lives at the top of their tower block, Wyndham Tower.Moses asks Ron and his boss, local gangster HiHatz, to keep the creature in their fortified weed room while he decides how to proceed. More objects fall from the sky. Eager to fight the creatures, the gang arm themselves and go to the nearest crash site. However, they find these aliens are much larger, gorillasized, with spiky fur which is so black it reflects no light, huge claws and rows of glowing fangs. Fleeing the aliens, the gang are intercepted by two policemen and Moses is arrested, identified as a mugger by Samantha. The aliens, following Moses, maul the police to death and attack their van, leaving Samantha and Moses trapped inside. Dennis reaches the vehicle and drives the van away, only to crash into HiHatzs car. Samantha runs away while the rest of Mosess gang catch up and confront HiHatz. ........

Source: Wikipedia