Barton Fink

Barton Fink is a 1991 American period film written, produced, directed and edited by the Coen brothers. Set in 1941, it stars John Turturro in the title role as a young New York City playwright who is hired to write scripts for a film studio in Hollywood, and John Goodman as Charlie, the insurance salesman who lives next door at the rundown Hotel Earle.

The film contains allusions to many reallife people and events, most notably the writers Clifford Odets and William Faulkner. The characters of Barton Fink and W. P. Mayhew are widely seen as fictional representations of these men, but the Coens stress important differences. They have also admitted to parodying film magnates like Louis B. Mayer, but they note that Finks agonizing tribulations in Hollywood are not meant to reflect their own experiences.Barton Fink was influenced by several earlier works, including the films of Roman Polanski, particularly Repulsion 1965 and The Tenant 1976. Other influences are Stanley Kubricks The Shining and Preston Sturgess Sullivans Travels. The film contains a number of literary allusions to works by William Shakespeare, John Keats, and Flannery OConnor, and in particular, Nikos Kazantzakiss novel, Zorba the Greek. There are also religious overtones, including references to the Book of Daniel, King Nebuchadnezzar, and Bathsheba. ........

Source: Wikipedia