Baruto Kaito

Baruto Kaito is a former professional sumo wrestler and current mixed martial arts fighter from Estonia. Making his debut in May 2004, he was one of only two Estonians ever to join the sport in Japan. He reached the top division after just two years in sumo in May 2006. After suffering a number of injury problems in 2007 which delayed his progress, he reached the third highest rank of sekiwake in November 2008, and was promoted to zeki rank after finishing the March 2010 tournament with a score of 141. He was a tournament runnerup four times before recording a top division championship in the 2012 January tournament. During his career Baruto also earned five special prizes for Fighting Spirit, one for Outstanding Performance and one for Technique. He lost his zeki rank after more injury problems at the end of 2012, and having fallen greatly in rank after withdrawing from the May 2013 tournament, he announced his retirement in September of that year at the age of 28.

Hvelson was born in VikeMaarja, but grew up in the nearby Rohu village in current Laekvere Parish. His family owned a cattle farm and he became accustomed to hard physical labour as a child. His father died when Hvelson was sixteen years old and he worked as a nightclub bouncer to earn a living.

Source: Wikipedia