Beauty: In the Eyes of the Beheld

Beauty In the Eyes of the Beheld is a 2008 American documentary film that explores what it is like to be a beautiful woman through interviews of eight American women considered physically beautiful. The women interviewed include a physician, an exotic dancer, a musician who worked with recording artist Prince, former beauty queens, a student in a wheelchair, an assistant paralegal, and an assistant television producer. Eye opening stories of insecurity, vulnerability and tragedy surface along with the more predictable blessings beauty brings. The preview asks Is beauty all it is cracked to be? Surprising stories surface as they speak about their childhoods, careers, relationships, and life satisfaction. Beauty In the Eyes of the Beheld is included in the National Eating Disorders Associations list of body image educational tools.

Society tells us that beautiful women have it all. But beauty can be as much a curse as it is a blessing. Being beautiful, doesnt equate happiness Being beautiful is overrated, says the filmmaker. In this sensitively choreographed film, the eight women labeled as beautiful consider body image issues through their candid stories of how concepts and realities of physical beauty have shaped their lives for both good ways and bad. Objectification, negative stereotyping, jealousy, insecurity, and vulnerability are prominent themes, as are opportunity and preferential treatment. A study of skindeep attractiveness, the video offers empowering insights into inner beauty as well.Kravinsky states that, Beauty making things easier for a woman is a double edged sword. It also looks at how being beautiful affects relationships and selfesteem. It may be easier to date or get a job, but having things come easier for you creates jealousy, laziness in working and in self, and it doesnt encourage development of the inner beauty that a woman needs as she grows older and her beauty fades. Kravinsky compares beauty to sugar, it is very sweet, but too much of it can be a killer. ........

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