Beauty and the Beast (2014 film)

Beauty and the Beast French La Belle et la Bte is a 2014 FrancoGerman romantic fantasy film based on the traditional fairy tale of the same name by GabrielleSuzanne Barbot de Villeneuve. Written by Christophe Gans and Sandra VoAnh and directed by Gans, the film stars La Seydoux as Belle and Vincent Cassel as the Beast.

In France, 1810, a widowed merchant Andr Dussollier is forced to sell his town house and many of his belongings after his ships are lost at sea, leaving him bankrupt. He moves to a simple house in the countryside with his six children, though the only one happy with the change is his youngest daughter, Belle La Seydoux. One day news arrives that one of the merchants ships is intact, so he and his eldest son return to town in the hopes of collecting the goods that will restore their wealth. However, the goods are seized by the local authorities, and the merchant is forced to flee into the forest when Perducas Eduardo Noriega threatens to harm him over his sons debts.While lost in the forest, the merchant stumbles upon the magical domain of the Beast Vincent Cassel. The merchant takes treasure from the castle, but is captured by the Beast for stealing a single red rose for Belle. The Beast allows the merchant to go and say goodbye to his children, but says he must return to take his punishment, or his entire family will be killed. Feeling responsible, Belle steals her fathers horse and returns to the castle to take her fathers fate. ........

Source: Wikipedia