Bela Lugosi

Bla Ferenc Dezs BlaskOctober 1882 August 1956, better known as Bela Lugosi, was a HungarianAmerican actor, famous for portraying Count Dracula in the original 1931 film and for his roles in various other horror films.

Lugosi was married five times, and had one son, Bela George Lugosi. Lugosi was a charter member of the American Screen Actors Guild.Lugosi, the youngest of four children, was born Bla Ferenc Dezs Blask in Lugos, Kingdom of Hungary now Lugoj, Romania, to Istvn Blask, a banker, and Paula de Vojnich. He later based his last name on his hometown. He and his sister Vilma were raised in a Roman Catholic family. ........

Source: Wikipedia