Big Bad Wolf (2006 film)

Big Bad Wolf is a 2006 werewolfthemed horror film about Derek Cowley, where he and his college classmates go to his stepfathers cabin to party. It won the 2007 Silver Award at WorldFest Houston in the category of Best Science FictionFantasyHorror Film. The film starred Trevor Duke as Derek Cowley, and Kimberly J. Brown as Samantha Marche. It was rated R in the United States for strong violence, gore, language, and nudity.

Years later, Charlies nephew Derek has been living with emotional abuse from Mitch Toblat after Mitch married his mother. In spite of this Derek is going up to his stepfathers cabin with his friend Samantha and his four other friends while Mitch is on a business trip. After spending five hours searching for the cabin, they finally find it. That night the cabin is attacked by, to their surprise, a werewolf, and they are more surprised to find that it talks. The werewolf kills two of Dereks friends and breaks into one of the locked rooms of the cabin where it rapes one of the girls in front of her boyfriend, before killing her. The werewolf then castrates the boyfriend and kills him too. Derek and Sam both manage to escape the werewolf and are found by police.They tell the police they didnt get a good look at what attacked them, knowing that they wouldnt believe them. The next day Mitch picks Derek up from the police station, and tells Derek that the deaths of his friends are on him for taking his friends to the cabin in the first place. Sam and Derek both suspect that Mitch is the werewolf. Later Charlie pays Derek a visit to see if hes alright. ........

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