Big Bully (film)

Big Bully is a 1996 American comedydrama film starring Rick Moranis and Tom Arnold. The film was directed by Steve Miner and featured actors such as Don Knotts.

Twentysix years later, David Rick Moranis is divorced and raising his troubled son Ben Blake Bashoff as a single parent. Not having much success as a writer, Davids old school offers him a job teaching creative writing for the semester. Things go well at first, meeting some too friendly neighbors Art and Betty Lundstrum Jeffrey Tambor and Faith Prince, and rekindling a relationship with his old flame Victoria Julianne Phillips. He also encounters the school librarian Mrs. Rumpert Norma MacMillan who is still waiting for David to return Green Eggs and Ham to the library. After Ben begins picking on a little kid named Kirby Cody McMains, David meets the boys father Ross Bigger Tom Arnold when both of them are called to the office of Principal Kokelar Don Knotts revolving around both their sons actions. Despite a friendly first meeting, David soon discovers that the mildmannered shop teacher is his old enemy Fang. Following a fire drill, David meets with his old friend Ulf Tony Pierce who is a firefighter. When meeting with Ulf, Alan Harry Waters, Jr., and Gerry Stuart Pankin at a bar, David learns from them that after Ross got out of juvenile hall, Ross parents skipped town which eventually led to him growing up in an orphanage.When Ross learns who David is, he reembarks on his old routine of bullying him to make himself feel better. Ross drops his mildmannered and pushover attitude and begins taking charge in his classroom and his own home. In a twist of irony, Davids son begins bullying the old bullys son. Although after a discussion with Ben, they become fast friends. Ross begins to intimidate him more and more until David becomes paranoid, and begins freaking out another teacher named Clark Curtis Armstrong who thinks he is on crack. David gets to his last straw after Ross humiliates him in front of Victoria at the prom. When David brings Ross actions to Principal Kokelar after a recent pranking, David is told by Principal Kokelar that Ross has been a teacher lon

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