Big Rig (film)

Big Rig is a 2007 documentary film by Doug Pray about longhaul truck drivers. The film consists of a series of interviews with different drivers, focusing on both their personal life stories and also the life and culture of truck drivers in the United States.

Filming took place over four different twoweek roadtrips. The crew of three did not schedule interviews with truckers they would drive into a truck stop in their RV and approach the truckers for interviews. If the driver agreed, Pray would ride as the passenger and interview the driver for the day, while Blondheim followed in the RV. Most of the interviewees were very skeptical of the crew at first, and the crew was repeatedly thrown out of truck stops for soliciting interviews, which is typically not allowed.Director Pray and producer Blondheim became interested in a trucker documentary after a series of road trips to various concerts during the filming of Prays Scratch. In 2001, Pray and Blondheim shot and edited a 10minute film as a proof of concept for the films production process. ........

Source: Wikipedia