Big Top Pee wee

Big Top Peewee is a 1988 American comedy film and the sequel to Peewees Big Adventure 1985, and stars Paul Reubens as Peewee Herman, with supporting roles done by Susan Tyrrell, Kris Kristofferson, and introducing Valeria Golino as Gina Piccolapupula. The original music score is composed by Danny Elfman although he also scored Peewees Big Adventure, he could not use any themes from that movie due to Big Top Peewee being produced by another studio.

The Sheriff Kenneth Tobey warns everyone of a large storm approaching town. After the storm ends, Peewee emerges from his storm shelter to discover that an entire traveling circus has been blown into his backyard. Befriended by Cabrini Circus manager Mace Montana Kris Kristofferson, Peewee is hoping to impress Gina Piccolapupula Valeria Golino, a trapeze artist and the circus star attraction, thereby incurring the jealousy of his Winnie until she meets Ginas older brothers The Piccolapupula Brothers. Gina leaves Peewee when she finds out about Winnie, but later returns to him when she realizes that Peewee actually loves her.Peewee wants to join the circus, but his attempts fail. Gina then tells Peewee about her deceased father Papa Piccolapupula who was a famous aerialist who suffered a fall performing the Spiral of Death. Gina states that Peewee should try walking the tightrope in his honor. ........

Source: Wikipedia