Big Trouble (2002 film)

Big Trouble is a 2002 American comedy film based on the novel Big Trouble by Dave Barry. It was directed by Barry Sonnenfeld and featured a large cast including Tim Allen, Rene Russo, Dennis Farina, Zooey Deschanel, Sofia Vergara and Jason Lee. Like much of Dave Barrys fiction, it follows a diverse group of people through a series of extremely strange and humorous situations against the backdrop of Miami.

Realizing that he is the intended victim, Arthur visits arms dealers to buy a rocket but is sold a suitcase nuclear bomb because the dealer claims to be out of rockets and doesnt tell him that it is a nuclear weapon. Escaped convicts Snake and Eddie, who were previously kicked out of the bar for disorderly conduct, hold up the bar and kidnap Arthur and Puggy who is an employee there and take the suitcase, not knowing its contents.Meanwhile, Matt tries to kill Jenny in a mall parking lot, but a security guard thinks that Matts gun is real and opens fire on them. Matt and Jenny run away and eventually return to the Herk house, followed by officers Monica and Walter, who stumble across the confusion. Eliot is called over once again. ........

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