Black Cat, White Cat

Black Cat, White Cat Serbian , Crna maka, beli maor is a 1998 Serbian romantic comedy film directed by Emir Kusturica. It won the Silver Lion for Best Direction at the Venice Film Festival.

Matko Destanov, a smalltime Romani smuggler and profiteer, lives with his teenage son Zare in a ramshackle house by the Danube River in eastern Serbia near the Bulgarian border.He has plans to acquire a whole train of smuggled fuel, which he finds at cutprice. To obtain a loan that would subsidize the heist, he visits Grga Piti, a wheelchairusing old gangster, whos an old friend of Zarije Destanov, Matkos father and Zares grandfather. Matko then plots the details of the job with an ally named Dadan, a rich, funliving, drugsnorting gangster who has a harem, juggles grenades, and cheats at gambling. However, Dadan doublecrosses him and glitches up the deal by giving Matko a drink that is drugged, and carrying out the job while Matko is unconscious, which means that Matko owes Dadan a great deal of cash. Matko cannot afford to pay, so Dadan makes a deal whereby he would forgive the debt, thereby wiping the slate clean, if Zare and Afrodita, Dadans midget sister whom he desperately wants to marry off, get married. However, Zare is in love with Ida, a barmaid who works in an establishment run by her Roma grandmother Sujka, and Afrodita is waiting for the man of her dreams. Dadan coerces Afrodita into marrying by dunking her in a well, while Zare first learns of the scheme to marry him off from Ida, who has overheard Dadan and Matko plotting it in the restaurant where she works. Meanwhile, Zare retrieves Zarije from the hospital where he is being kept, with the aid of a gypsy band. Grga Piti is having problems of his own, as he wants his grandsons, including sixfoot plus giant Grga Veliki, to get married. ........

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