Blind (2011 film)

Blind Hangul RRBeulraindeu is a 2011 South Korean crime thriller film directed by Ahn Sanghoon and starring Kim Haneul and Yoo Seungho in the lead roles. Kim received Best Actress honors at the 48th Grand Bell Awards and the 32nd Blue Dragon Film Awards for her performance.

A missing person case involving a female university student and the victim in a hit and run case appears to be related. Detectives look for a witness.Min Sooah Kim Haneul used to be a promising cadet at the police academy but after a horrific car accident which killed her surrogate brother and caused her to lose her eyesight, her police career ended. Sooah reveals to Detective Jo Jo Heebong at the police station that on the night of the hit and run case she was picked up by a taxi cab driver. Sooah believes the taxi driver may be the perpetrator of the crimes. Initially, Detective Jo doesnt take Sooahs claims seriously because she is blind, but when Sooah displays her acute senses, the detective starts to believe her. ........

Source: Wikipedia