Blubberella is a 2011 comedy action film written and directed by Uwe Boll. The plot revolves around an obese dhampir superhero, set in Nazioccupied Europe. The entire film is a sceneforscene spoof of BloodRayne The Third Reich with most of the same cast and crew.

The film received strong negative reviews. Once the trailer was released, it inspired an Internet brouhaha and an avalanche of negative commentary. Honestly, I want the Nazis to win, declared one YouTube visitor. It has not yet been rated by any critics on Rotten Tomatoes, however, the film was poorly received by audiences and has a rating of 13. With audiences reviews saying things such as I dont know why I watched this, I really dont know. Its one of the worst films ever made by Mr Boll., What could be an insane and potentially hilarious concept is obviously ruined in the hands of the worst writerdirector in history., and Its all one big fat mess. The film currently holds a 2.510 rating on the Internet Movie Database, based on 1,878 votes.In an interview with Popzaras Brittany Vincent, Hollister claims she took the role because of diminishing opportunity for overweight actresses to find work in Hollywood. Ive been doing this for ten years. While Ive been extremely lucky to play some amazing characters, Ive watched the roles dry up. And Ive been shut out of even auditioning for many character roles because Im too large. On taking on the title role of Blubberella, she states This movie would have been done with or without me. It would have been a lot more offensive if I hadnt done it. But I didnt win the war about the title. I hate the title. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly Hollister discussed the film. Insisting that her decision to take the role wasnt based on money alone. Saying, Im not ashamed of Blubberella, Of course theres fat jokes in the film. If they had put another salami sandwich in my hand, I was going to start killing the crew. But I want people to know we werent setting out to hate fat people. Its important for me that people know the true story. This movie was made with the best intentions, she said. I truly wanted to make a movie about a fat girl who could kick ass. ........

Source: Wikipedia