Bodyguard (2011 Hindi film)

Sanjay Sankla

Lovely Singh Salman Khan is assigned as Divyas Kareena Kapoor bodyguard to protect her from goons hunting her to take revenge against her father, a kind and successful politician. Lovely is very devoted to his dutiesbut irritates Divya by following her everywhere. Divya and her friend Maya Hazel Keech call Lovely with Divya pretending to be a girl, Chhaya madly in love with Lovely, hoping this will distract him from his work.Initially hesitant, Lovely gradually starts loving the mysterious Chhaya and looks forward to her calls, but doesnt realize that it is actually Divya. Meanwhile, Lovely protects Divya on many occasions from the attacks of Ranjan Mahatre and his goons. Soon, Divya too falls in love with Lovely but is scared to reveal her identity, due to Lovelys immense devotion and loyalty toward his duties and her father. Divya, as Chhaya, later tells Lovely to run away with her and meet her at a railway station. Her father, Sartaj, begins suspecting that Lovely and Divya are in love and they might elope so he sends his men to kill Lovely. Divya convinces her father that Lovelys lover is someone else who is waiting for him at the railway station. Sensing that Lovely might be heartbroken if he does not meet his Chhaya, Divya sends Maya to tell Lovely her true identity. However, when Lovely sees Maya running toward him, he believes she is Chhaya. Maya tries to tell him that Divya is Chhaya, but sees one of Sartajs men in the compartment, waiting for her to answer Lovely. She tells Lovely that she is Chhaya. Divya calls Maya but Maya gets on the train with Lovely and throws her phone away instead of returning to her friend. ........

Source: Wikipedia