Brideshead Revisited (film)

Brideshead Revisited is a 2008 British drama film directed by Julian Jarrold. The screenplay by Jeremy Brock and Andrew Davies is based on the 1945 novel of the same name by Evelyn Waugh, which previously had been adapted in 1981 as an elevenepisode television serial.

When Lord Marchmain invites Sebastian and Julia to visit him and his mistress Cara Greta Scacchi in Venice, Lady Marchmain encourages Charles to go with them in the hope that he can act as a positive influence on her son. Increasingly interested in Julia, Charles surreptitiously kisses her in a dark alley, unaware that Sebastian can see them from the other side of a canal. Jealous of his attention to his sister, Sebastian sets out to end their friendship, and on their return to England Lady Marchmain makes it clear that Charles cannot marry Julia since he professes to be an atheist.Sebastians mother, concerned about his increasing alcoholism, cancels his allowance. During a visit to Brideshead, Ryder gives Sebastian money, which he uses to buy alcohol. When he arrives drunk and improperly dressed at a ball celebrating Julias engagement to Canadian business man Rex Mottram Jonathan Cake, Lady Marchmain blames Charles and tells him he no longer is welcome at Brideshead. Sebastian flees to Morocco. Some time later, at the request of the now terminallyill Lady Marchmain, Charles goes there and finds Sebastian in hospital. His plan to bring Sebastian home is disrupted when the doctor warns him Sebastian is too ill to travel. ........

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