Brink is a 1998 Disney Channel Original Movie set in the backdrop of aggressive inline skating.

On the first day of school, the SoulSkaters and Team XBladz race on school grounds and latter skater Boomer is seriously injured while Brink and Val are both caught and suspended. Brink learns that his family is in financial trouble his father Ralph has been on disability formonths and goes against the wishes of Ralph and his friends and joins Team XBladz for 200 a week. He keeps this from his friends and working at PupNSudsanother job that Brink has that his friends know about until they see him skating for Team XBladz in a local competition. Brinks friends feel he betrayed them and agree to a downhill race SoulSkaters vs Team XBladz specifically Gabriella vs Brink.Although Brinks original crew chose to ignore him upon discovering his alignment with Team XBladz, Val was willing to be his friend again and then agreed to remain on his team. However, Boomer doesnt believe him and tries to warn Brink not to go through with the race. During the race, Val intentionally sabotages Gabriellas part of the course by tossing gravel onto the road. Gabriella wipes out big and sustains minor injuries. At this point and Vals intention, all of the SoulSkaters disown Brink as their friend they call him a sellout and stop talking to him. Later on, Ralph learns the truth from Gabriellas mother and has hearttoheart talk with him. Brink finally confesses his true reasons for joining Team XBladz and wanting to be a somebody from it. He admits that though he got what he wanted, it gotten him into a mess. Brink lost his friends in the process and started becoming like Val. Ralph reveals that though the family is in financial trouble, Brink shouldnt be skating for money and rather for fun. ........

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