Britney: For the Record

Britney For the Record is a 2008 documentary television film about American singer and actress Britney Spears, following her return to the recording industry after her muchpublicized personal struggles. The film was shot in Beverly Hills and New York City during the third quarter of 2008 main shooting began on September 5, 2008, two days before Spearss appearance at the MTV Video Music Awards. It was directed by Phil Griffin. MTV, one of the two official distributors of the documentary, posted on their website the first promotional trailer on October 9, 2008.

Britney Spears is an American singer, songwriter, dancer, actress, and occasional author. The documentary reveals Spears most intimate moments in the span of 60 days, from the beginning of her much publicized meltdown, until how she returned to the music spotlight. She also reflects on past decisions, saying Im a smart person... What the hell was I thinking? For the Record includes footage from her appearance at the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards, going into the recording studio, to the video shoots of her singles Womanizer and Circussongs off her sixth studio album, Circusto rehearsals, and press tours. Madonna also makes a special appearance and commentary. Spears talks about past relationships. She explains that going through her first breakup, with boyfriend Justin Timberlake, in the spotlight was no easy task for a teenage girl. She felt that all the publicity made it even more difficult and confusing for her to move on at such a young age and so she began to act out. Her breakup with husband and father of her two sons, Kevin Federline, was even worse she explains. This loss took an even greater toll on her and once again all the paparazzi attention did not help.I think I married for the wrong reasons. Instead of following my heart and doing something that made me really happy. I just did it because... for just the idea of everything. ........

Source: Wikipedia