Carnosaur (film)

Carnosaur is a 1993 science fiction horror film starring Diane Ladd as a mad scientist who plans to recreate dinosaurs and destroy humanity. The film is loosely based on the novel Carnosaur by John Brosnan under the pseudonym of Harry Adam Knight that was released in 1984, but the two have little in common. They share only a few scenes, the villain still has the same basic motive, and both contain explicit gore and violence. It was the only film based on a Brosnan novel to be produced in America. As it was released four weeks before the largerscale blockbuster Jurassic Park, Carnosaur may be considered a mockbuster. Diane Ladds daughter Laura Dern was one of the stars of Jurassic Park.

Set in the American Southwest, Doc Raphael Sbarge is an alcoholic security watchman protecting digging equipment from environmental activists, though he befriends one of them named Thrush Jennifer Runyon. Meanwhile, Dr. Jane Tiptree Diane Ladd of the Eunice Corporation is breeding a strain of extra large and fertile chickens by splicing their DNA with that of crocodiles, iguanas, albatrosses, vultures, pelicans, turkeys and ostriches. Unknown to the Corporations sponsors however, Tiptree is impregnating several of the chickens with dinosaur DNA. One of her resulting creatures, a Deinonychus, escapes and kills the activists, as well as other civilians. Doc investigates and discovers that Tiptree is also creating a virus which causes women to fatally conceive baby dinosaurs, in order to wipe out humanity and thus allow Carnosaurs and Raptors to reclaim the Earth as their own. Tiptree dies giving birth to a baby raptor. After narrowly escaping a Tyrannosaurus and the lab, Doc takes Thrush to a house to recover and injects a serum to cure her. Doc battles the Tyrannosaurus with a skidsteer an action that was repeated in the fourth sequel before impaling it. The government infiltrates the community in order to sterilize the situation by shooting all the civilians, infected or not. Thrush dies from the virus, meaning that the serum did not work. Doc is shot and killed by government soldiers, who then burn his and Thrushs bodies.John Brosnan was first approached to write the screenplay in mid1991 by Roger Cormans wife Julie, who formalised the deal at Brosnans drinking club, and drew up the contract on a bar napkin. As the film was meant to compete with Jurassic Park, Brosnan later wrote that he was taken aback when it was revealed that the films budget would have only beenmillion. Although concerned that the restrictive budget would require a reduction in the amount of dinosaurs used, Corman assured him that he was free to write whatever he wanted, and that any modifi

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