Case Closed: Quarter of Silence

Detective Conan Quarter of Silence , Meitantei Konan Chinmoku no Kwt? is the 15th film installment of the manga and anime series Detective Conan. The film was released on April 16, 2011. This film celebrates the fifteenth anniversary of the anime. Magic File 2011, ties in with the movie and was released on the same day as the films premiere.

Conan, the Detective Boys, Ran Mori, Kogoro Mori, and Sonoko Suzuki travel to Kitanosawa and enjoy the day playing. They are introduced to a group of locals their names are Keisuke Yamao, Mizuki Toono, Fuyumi Tachihara, Takehiki Mutou, and Shougo Hikawa. The group reveals they were all childhood friends and were part of the group which relocated to the new village. They also reveal it is their first gathering in eight years since Yamao was in prison for killing Toonos sister, Natsuki Toono, in a hit and run. The next day, Tachiharas son, Touma Tachihara, awakens from his eightyear coma with no memory of his accident. Later that day, Hikawa is found dead in a field. Originally, it was assumed to be suicide since only Hikawas footprints were found in the snow. Conan reveals Hikawa was killed by an electroshock weapon. The culprit then waited for it to snow and walked away backwards to suggest Hikawa was alone. During a diamond dust caused by the sunrise, Touma experiences a flashback on the day of the accident.Conan investigates Hikawas belongings and finds a newspaper clipping detailing a jewelry store was robbed the day before the hit and run. A cell site is destroyed by bombs leading Conan to hypothesis who the culprit possibly is. Meanwhile, the Detective Boys and Touma are hunted down by a sniper. Conan intervenes and leads them to safety. Taking a route towards the dam, Conan explains Yamao is the culprit. Yamao robbed the jewelry store in a distant town and drives back to Kitanosawa. On the way, he runs over Natsuki, a scene which Touma notices. Touma is then kidnapped by Yamao and sees the diamonds, explaining why the diamond dust startled his memories. Touma escapes but falls down a cliff leading to his coma. Yamao then buries the jewels in a property in Kitanosawa and turns himself over to the authorities for Natsukis death. Unexpectedly, the dam project forced the town of Kitanosawa underwater. As a result, Yamao decides to bomb the dam to search oldKitano

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