Castaway on the Moon

Castaway on the Moon Hangul RRKimssi Pyoryugi lit. Mr Kims drifting experience drifting hanja is a 2009 South Korean romantic comedy film written and directed by Lee Haejun. It is a love story between a suicidal man turned castaway on Bamseom in the Han River and an agoraphobic woman who is addicted to Cyworld.

As he learns to survive on the island, his cries for help scrawled in the sand are seen by Kim Jungyeon Jung Ryeowon, an agoraphobe who spots him while engaging in her nightly habit of photographing the moon. They soon begin exchanging messages, with Jungyeon venturing out of her house to throw bottled messages onto the island, and Seonggeun writing his replies in the sand.The climax of the movie arrives with a torrential storm which destroys Seonggeuns farm and sweeps away the possessions he has collected, after which he is found by a group of workers sent to clean up litter on the island. He boards a bus in the city where Jungyeon, after overcoming her anxiety and running across the bridge to find him, manages to finally meet him. ........

Source: Wikipedia