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Caught Up (film)

Daryl Allen Bokeem Woodbine, who narrates, is an excon. After serving time on drug charges, he plans to get his life straight, open up a nightclub and be a part of his son Jeromes life. His friend Trip offers to give him money for his business and Daryl accepts. Daryl drives Trip to the bank, unaware hes taking part in a robbery, which makes him furious. The police chase them down and Daryl and Trip are involved in a car accident, which leads Trip getting killed and Daryl sent back to the slammer for a long stretch.During that period, his girlfriend Trish Cynda Williams gets married and moves away with their son. Released after five years, Daryl meets his parole officer Tony Todd and is informed that if he gets into trouble again, he will serveto life in prison. Daryl is unemployed when he meets a psychic woman named Vanessa Dietrich Williams. Daryl and Vanessa seem to hit it off at first but a man in a black jacket and mask shoots and tries to kill them. Vanessa gives Daryl a gun and Daryl uses it to scare the man away. Daryl and Vanessa go to Daryls apartment and Daryl tells Vanessa that she can stay as possible. ........

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