Chandralekha (1948 film)

Chandralekha also spelt Chandraleka b is a 1948 Indian Tamil historical fiction film directed and produced by S. S. Vasan. Starring T. R. Rajakumari, M. K. Radha and Ranjan in the lead roles, the film follows two brothers named Veerasimhan and Sasankan, who fight with each other over ruling their fathers kingdom and for marrying the village dancer Chandralekha.

Veerasimhan M. K. Radha and Sasankan Ranjan are the sons of a king. While passing through a village on his horse, Veerasimhan meets a village dancer named Chandralekha T. R. Rajakumari and they fall in love. At the palace, the king decides to abdicate in favour of Veerasimhan. This enrages the younger brother Sasankan he forms a gang of thieves who embark on a crime spree. Chandralekhas father is injured in the ensuing chaos and dies soon after. Chandralekha, now orphaned, joins a band of travelling musicians, whose caravan is raided by Sasankans men.Sasankan orders Chandralekha to dance for him, which she does after being flogged, but she soon manages to escape. Later, Sasankan ambushes Veerasimhan and takes him prisoner. Chandralekha watches Sasankans men trapping Veerasimhan in a cave and sealing its entrance with a boulder. She rescues him with the help of elephants from a passing circus troupe. Veerasimhan and Chandralekha join the circus to hide themselves from Sasankans men. After returning to the palace, Sasankan imprisons his parents and declares himself king. He immediately sends a spy to find Chandralekha. ........

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