Chaw (film)

Chaw Hangul RRChau MRChau is a 2009 South Korean film about a mutant killer pig wreaking havoc on a small mountain town, and the ragtag team of five who set out to stop the beast. The feature subverts the monster genre into a witty, suspenseful black comedy mixed with horror, adventure, and a healthy dose of camp.

The quiet town of Sammaeri near Mount Jiri has been crimefree for a decade until now. Bodies of villagers begin turning up, making the village leaders nervous just ahead of an organic food fair expected be a financial windfall. Chun Ilman Jang Hangsun, whose granddaughter was one of the victims, is sure that a mankilling boar is behind the crimes. He joins forces with detective Shin Park Hyukkwon and Kim Kangsoo Uhm Taewoong, a reassigned cop from Seoul whose mother has gone missing in the woods. With Byun Sooryun Jung Yumi, a biologist studying wild animals, and gloryseeking hunter Baek Manbae Yoon Jemoon on the team to fight the giant killer beast, the five start up the mountain to face their enemy.Director Shin Jungwon said his film adopted a typical Hollywood B movie monster narrative to tackle environmental issues, particularly the serious destruction inflicted on Koreas ecology. He said Korea had never had a film dealing with reallife killer creatures like Alligator and Anaconda and was intrigued by the idea of a familiar animal attacking and killing humans and wanted to create something out of this unexpectedness. But most of all, I wanted something funny and unique. ........

Source: Wikipedia