Chillerama is a 2011 horror comedy anthology film consisting of four stories or segments that take place at a drivein theater playing monster movies. Each segment is a homage to a different genre and style.

Adam Rifkin and Tim Sullivan met while working on Detroit Rock City and quickly discovered they shared a mutual love of horror, monster and drivein bmovies, so they began developing an idea to make an anthology called Famous Monsters of Filmland, loosely based on the magazine theyd grown up reading, and with each short dedicated to a different era in film. First they came up with names and mockup posters for each of the minifeatures The Diary of Anne Frankenstein 1940s, I Was a Teenage Vampire 1950s Zombie DriveIn 1960s and Werewolf of Alcatraz 1970s. A deal with Famous Monsters magazine fell through, so it was pitched as a weekly MTV series to be hosted by KISS frontman Gene Simmons, but reality television was beginning to dominate American airwaves, so the project was shelved.A few years later, Rifkin and Sullivan met with directors Adam Green and Joe Lynch at Rainbow Bar and Grill, and the idea resurfaced. Soon the quartet decided to make Chillerama as an independently produced film, with Greens studio, Ariescope Pictures, serving as the headquarters of operations. Due to estimated budgetary constraints, Werewolf of Alcatraz was dropped and replaced with Wadzilla I Was a Teenage Vampire was changed to Teenage Werebear at Lynchs behest Zombie DriveIn became ZomBMovie and a fifth short called Deathication was added to the drivein sequence to fake out viewers. ........

Source: Wikipedia