Cho Kyuhyun

Cho Kyuhyun is a South Korean singer and actor. He is a member of the South Korean boy band Super Junior, its subgroups, Super JuniorM and Super JuniorK.R.Y., and a former member of the South Korean ballad group S.M. The Ballad. He is one of the first four Korean artists to appear on Chinese postage stamps.

Kyuhyun was born in Nowon, a district in Seoul. Kyuhyun has an older sister named Cho Ara. Kyuhyuns father is in the education business and owns a school. Kyuhyuns mother also runs an art academy and a guesthouse called MOM House located at Myeongdong. Kyuhyun was initially urged to study law and would have been a lawyer if he had not become a singer. His original plans were abandoned once Kyuhyun joined a band in high school, where he became more interested in music and singing. His father was against his dream of singing but allowed him to do so if he did well on his college entrance exams and was accepted into a university. Kyuhyun enrolled in Kyunghee University with a major in PostModern Music. He received his bachelors degree in 2013 and is currently enrolled in the universitys masters program. Kyuhyun won third place at the Chin Chin Singing Competition in 2005.

Source: Wikipedia