Chukkallo Chandrudu

Chukkallo Chandrudu English Moon between Stars is a 2006 Telugu film released onJanuary 2006 and was directed by Sivakumar, one of Mani Ratnams associates. The film has Siddharth Narayan, Sadha, Saloni Aswani, Charmme Kaur, and Akkineni Nageswara Rao playing important roles. The film story lines nearly equals to Jagapati Babus film Allari Premikudu.

First is Sandhya. Arjun tries to tell Sandhya that he loves her through illogical ways. Because Sandhya is very ignorant, Arjun calls her a tomboy and Sandhya slaps him. Now he randomly draws another name and this time, it is Shalini. But he gets a phone call from Shalini that she is in the airport. Arjun quickly rushes to see Shalini and Shalini says that she has a tournament in Switzerland and also has a boyfriend. Arjun gets disappointed big time and gets a call from Sravani, saying that she is at the hospital. Arjun again rushes and goes to the hospital and finds out that Sravanis grandmothers situation is not looking good. There is a big crowd around the table and Sravani is afraid to talk up, as she fears that no one will listen to her. Arjun gives her courage and Sravani is able to speak for herself. He also pays for Sravanis grandmothers operation behind Sravanis back. By the time, Arjun reaches his place, he gets a call from Shalini, saying that she was just messing with Arjun April Fools. She asks him to come to Switzerland and Arjun goes to Switzerland.Shalini throws the tournament so that she can romance with Arjun. But one night, Shalinis father gets drunk and upset because his daughter lost the competition. Arjun gets upset too because he was selfishly thinking about himself only. The next day, Arjun leaves for India, saying to Shalini that she should pursue her career and to remain an inspiration to others. Arjun gives away his identity and shocks Shalini. Shalini also wishes the best for Arjun in his life. After coming back to India, Arjun learns that Sravani is getting engaged to an NRI in the United States. Sravani thinks that her fiance is paying for her grandmothers operation when Arjun was paying for it the whole time. Now, Arjun lost all three of his choices. He goes back to his grandfather and asks him to go back with him to Germany. Arjuns grandfather gives him another idea to choose proposals from a list he already selected. Arjun doesnt li

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