Cisco Pike

Cisco Pike is a 1972 drama written and directed by Bill L. Norton. It stars Kris Kristofferson as a musician fallen on hard luck who turns to dealing marijuana as a means of income. The film also stars Karen Black, Harry Dean Stanton, Antonio Fargas, Gene Hackman, Viva, and Texas musician Doug Sahm. This film was not widely embraced by audiences on its initial release but has become a cult movie. Much of its cult status comes from fans of Kris Kristofferson and Doug Sahm, but it also carries a cult status because of its dated and unintentionally funnycitation needed take on the subject of drugs, dealers, and the lifestyle they lead.

The movie was filmed in and around Hollywood, including a concert scene at the Troubador Club in West Hollywood. Numerous scenes were also filmed in Venice, CA.The soundtrack has most of Kristoffersons The Silver Tongued Devil and I album, and a song by Doug Sahm, along with the Sonny TerryBrownie McGhee song Hootin and Hollerin ........

Source: Wikipedia