Cocoon: The Return

Cocoon The Return is a 1988 American science fiction fantasy comedydrama film directed by Daniel Petrie and written by Stephen McPherson. The film serves as the sequel to the 1985 film Cocoon. All of the starring actors from the first film reprised their roles in this film, although Brian Dennehy only appears in one scene at the end of the film. Unlike its predecessor, the film was neither a commercial nor a critical success at the time of release, though has increased in popularity in subsequent years.

Joe learns that his leukemia has returned, but he knows it will be cured again as soon as he and Alma leave Earth. When Alma is hit by a car while saving a child, Joe gives up the last of his lifeforce, saving her life but sacrificing his. Before dying, he tells Alma to take the job and that he loves her. Art and Bess learn that Bess is pregnant, and decide to raise the child on Anterea so they will live long enough to see him grow up. Ben and Mary, reconnect with their family and friends, including Bernie who is shown to have found love with Ruby, alleviating his depression over Roses death. And although a lovelorn Jack once again attempts to woo Kitty, she instead grants him a vision of his future, showing him children and a wife with a small heartshaped birthmark on her neck.The next night, before Ben, Mary, Art and Bess leave to meet the Antareans, Alma tells them she is staying on Earth to work at the preschool. Art, Kitty, Ben and his grandson David then rescue the Antarean from the Oceanographic Institute. Sara, one of the scientists working at the institute becomes aware of the companys plans to hand the alien over to the military. Unhappy about this, when she discovers the rescuers she allows them to escape. ........

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