Cold in July (film)

Cold in July is a 2014 American independent crime drama film directed by Jim Mickle, written by Mickle and Nick Damici, and starring Michael C. Hall, Sam Shepard, Don Johnson, and Nick Damici. The film takes place in 1980s Texas and is based on the novel of the same name by author Joe R. Lansdale. Hall plays a man who kills a burglar, whose father Shepard subsequently seeks revenge. The plot is further complicated when a private investigator Johnson shows up.

Ann Dane, startled by the sound of a door window breaking, wakes her husband, Richard he accidentally shoots the intruder, Freddy Russell, a wanted felon. Richard is shaken by the experience but attempts to move on with his life. Richard visits the cemetery on the day of Freddys burial where Freddys father, Bena paroled convictaccosts Richard in his car, making a veiled reference to Richards son, Jordan. Alarmed, Richard picks up Jordan from school and arranges for Ann to meet them at the police station. Though Ben follows him to his sons school the police decline Richards request for help. However when the Danes arrive home to find their front door busted in the house is put under police protection.While the cops posted around and one guard inside the house wait hoping to catch Ben when he returns, it turns out that Ben in fact never left and has been hiding in the houses crawlspace since the initial breakin. He emerges and knocks out the guard, then hides in Jordans room and locks the door. When Richard is alerted to Bens presence inside the house via the sound of water dripping from the open crawlspace hatch, he manages to alert the observing police and break down Jordons door. However Ben has already escaped out the window and to a nearby river, and is finally tracked to Mexico where he is apprehended. The police invite Richard to the station to close the case and while there Richard notices a wanted poster for Frederick Russell, who looks different from the Russell that he shot. Richard attempts to point out the contradiction officer Ray Price, but Ray dismisses this as a trick of memory due to shock and refuses to discuss the possibility, repeatedly. ........

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