Copperhead (2008 film)

Copperhead is a 2008 American television Horror Western film directed by Todor Chapkanov. It stars Brad Johnson, Keith Scaduto, Brad Greenquist, Wendy Carter, Gabriel Womack, and Billy Drago. The film aired on the Sci Fi Channel on June 28, 2008.

The Next Day, Bill arrives in a town in New Mexico. He walks into the saloon to get a drink, and asks for John Murphy. The bartender named Garrett Brad Greenquist tells him that Murphy is dead. After he finishes, a cowboy named Jesse Billy Drago demands a poker game with Bill. Jesses men Will Keith Scaduto, Roscoe Gabriel Womack, and Ponce George Zlatarev hold Bill at gunpoint when Bill tries to tell Jesse that an swarm of highly aggressive snakes are headed straight for the town. Jesse says that if the snakes do not come they will have a gunfight, which they do. Jesse is shot in the chest. Bill is shot in the arm. Jesses men start shooting at Bill, and Garrett, doctor Josiah Atanas Srebrev, and blacksmith Tannen Nick Harvey stop them at gunpoint. Jesse is told to leave, and takes Bills horse and rides off to Lincoln.Josiah patches Bills arm, and they discover the horses, and Henry Nathan Bautista in the stable have been killed by the snakes. The snakes attack the saloon, and they kill them. They see the swarm coming from over a mountain, and Bills horse shows up dying, and Bill shoots his horse. Bill tells Sheriff Mercer Todd Jensen to give all men every weapon he has in his office. Will, his girlfriend Jane Wendy Carter, and saloon girl Darla Violeta Markovska put school teacher Ms. Murphy Marta Kondova, the women and children into the bank safe for safety. Tannen introduces them to his Blacksmith shop, and shows them a Gatling gun, and a flamethrower from the war. They create a pool to corner the snakes. At night the snakes do come, and they start shooting them. Suddenly, a massive swarm shows up, Tannen is killed, and they cover in the saloon. Bill, Will, Roscoe, and Ponce go up into Murphys room. They find blood on his bed, and his gold watch. Ponce is killed by snakes by the window. Bill, and Will discovers that Roscoe is responsible for murder of Murphy. They lock him in the room. The snakes emerges from the floor, and Darla is killed. They discover a wall t

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