The Return of Courtney Love

The Return of Courtney Love is a 2006 documentary film by Will Yapp documenting the progression of musician Courtney Loves second studio album, How Dirty Girls Get Clean, as well as her recovery from drug addiction. The documentary was first broadcast on More4 in the United Kingdom and Ireland on September 26, 2006.

The next focus of the documentary is Loves illfated 2004 solo debut, Americas Sweetheart. Cowriter and partial producer, Linda Perry also a friend of Loves explains the circumstances surrounding the albums recording, citing Loves drug abuse as the reason for the albums ruin. As well as this, Perry and Loves friend Billy Corgan of The Smashing Pumpkins state that the reason for the albums critical and commercial failure was Loves public image, which at the time was plagued by constant court appearances and an infamous appearance on Pamela Andersons Comedy Roast.After Loves recent background is explained, the documentary focuses on the recording of her thenupcoming solo second album, How Dirty Girls Get Clean. As Love and her solo band perform a rehearsal version of the title track, Love explains the albums songs, calling them all acerbic ... none of them are tender love songs or very nice. Theyre all songs about disaster. Love also explains her motivation for the album. Later in the documentary, the focus again switches back to the recording of How Dirty Girls Get Clean with instudio footage, as well as documenting the songwriting and production process with Linda Perry and Billy Corgan. After three weeks of recording, a fully produced version of Sunset Marquis is previewed. ........

Source: Wikipedia