Creature (TV film)

Creature is a 1998 miniseries starring Craig T. Nelson, Kim Cattrall and Matthew Carey. The movie is based on the 1994 novel White Shark republished as Creature in 1997 concurrent with the film by Jaws author Peter Benchley. The film is about an amphibious sharklike monster terrorizing an abandoned secret military base and the people who live on the island where it is located.

Dr. Chase Nelson, a marine biologist, and his assistant, Tall Man Williams, find a pregnant female Great White Shark trapped in Ben Medieras Alyward nets. Dr. Chase sets it free. Meanwhile, a local fisherman, Puckett Burke, retrieves the containment unit and accidentally releases the creature. Mediera is later eaten by the creature. Dr. Chase amp Tall Man meet Dr. Macy Cattrall, her sea lion named Robin, and Dr. Chases son, Max Carey, at the airport. As Dr. Chase amp Dr. Macy prepare to out on the ocean, Max goes into town. He meets the native kids including Elizabeth Echikunwoke, the chiefs daughter. The local boys tell him hell have to take the test of bravery and jump from a tall cliff.Medieras body is found and police Chief Gibson asks Dr. Chase to inspect the body. Chase says even though there is a great white out there it is not the culprit and tells the chief not to let people go after the innocent shark. Dr. Chase and Dr. Macy leave and prepare to go out and find the real culprit. Tall Man arrives, escorted by his girlfriend, Tauna Michele. Peniston, who has gone crazy and is called Werewolf by the locals, sees the empty containment unit after Puckett brings it ashore. He realizes Mediera was not killed by a shark. Dr. Chase and Dr. Macy are unable to find the Creature and return to Dr. Chases headquarters formerly the research facility where the creature was born. Dr. Macy reveals Dr. Chase studies why sharks do not get cancer, which his best friend died from. ........

Source: Wikipedia