Crossfire Trail

Crossfire Trail is a 2001 Western television film directed by Simon Wincer and starring Tom Selleck, Virginia Madsen, and Wilford Brimley. Based on the 1954 Louis LAmour Western novel of the same name, the film is about a wanderer known for his honesty and steadfastness who keeps his word to a dying friend despite great adversity to himself. The tagline of the picture is A hero is measured by the enemies he makes. Crossfire Trail was originally broadcast on Turner Network Television on January 21, 2001.

In 1880, Rafe Covington Tom Selleck is with his best friend Charles Rodney Crossfire Trail on a vessel bound for San Francisco. However, Rodney picks a fight with the ships captain Mark Acheson, and the captain beats Rodney nearly to death. On his death bed, Rodney asks Covington to take care of his Wyoming Ranch and his wife, Anne Virginia Madsen. Covington promises, and Rodney dies peacefully. Covington, full of fury, beats up the captain, and then he and his other two best friends, Rock Mullaney David OHara and J.T Langston Christian Kane head off to Wyoming, where they find the ranch deserted. They immediately start to take care of the ranch.Covington heads off into town to pick up supplies, which is run by Bruce Barkow Mark Harmon, who is wooing Anne Rodney, who has received news off her husbands death. Covington makes friends with Joe Gill Wilford Brimley, an old cowboy who was a friend of Rodney. Covington meets Barkow, but makes enemies with the Taggart brothers Mike Patrick Kilpatrick and Luke Rex Linn and Snake Corville Marshall R. Teague. Covington meets with Anne, and tells her of what happened, but she refuses to believe him. Covington picks up the supplies, and Gill agrees to help out at the ranch. ........

Source: Wikipedia