Danny Huston

Daniel Sallis Danny Huston is an American actor, writer and director. Huston got his start directing Mr. North starring Anthony Edwards, Robert Mitchum and his sister, Anjelica Huston. Later, Huston gave his breakthrough acting performance in the independent film Ivans Xtc and was nominated for Best Male Performance at the Independent Spirit Awards in 2003.

Huston was born in Rome, Italy. He is the son of actress Zoe Sallis and director John Huston, adoptive halfbrother of Pablo Huston, halfbrother of actress Anjelica Huston and screenwriter Tony Huston, uncle of actor Jack Huston, and grandson of Academy Awardwinning actor Walter Huston, through whom he is of English, ScotsIrish, Welsh and Scottish descent. His mother was an actress and author whose ancestry was Indian and English. Huston was conceived as a result of an affair between his mother and John Huston.

Source: Wikipedia